What’s That Brand Again?

Effective marketing relies on a very key factor: defining the customer and targeting them. For many brands, the audience is rather clear and the jumping off point is intuitive. For others, research and trial & error are necessary in order to define this persona. And others still keep trying, but struggle to find the exact purchasers of their product. So what happens to these brands that can’t quite find their people? Well, let’s ask Food Should Taste Good.

If you’re not quite sure what brand Food Should Taste Good is, you’re not alone. But seeing the bag might change that recognition for you.


Oh yeah! That one!

That’s part of the problem. As evidenced by their social media presence, website, and lack of name recognition, Food Should Taste Good is a brand that, regardless of how tasty their product, is struggling to find who exactly is using their products.

When building a brand persona, social media is an incredible useful tool to create a personality (here’s looking at you, Totino’s). Not only is the online world an imperative way to reach a consumer, it’s a way to interact with them an become a part of their lives. Now, I understand that it’s hard to compete with the masterminds behind Totino’s, and their method is definitely not for every brand, but Food Should Taste Good has a presence that falls flat. Take a look at their bio on their Facebook page:

Our name says it all – Food Should Taste Good®. We make all natural snacks made from simple, real ingredients.

That’s nice and all, but what does that really mean? Who does it target beyond natural snack seekers? How is it different from any other natural chip out there? Upon digging through their presence further, a clear answer fails to emerge. WTF

Another example is this post from their Pinterest page (and blog). No doubt, a cucumber and basil gimlet sounds delicious. But it has nothing to do with chips, and the chips in the picture are barely visible and lack no connection with the brand beyond the account posting it. This is a similar trend throughout their social media presence which largely features recipes that could be served with chips. Any chips, for that matter.

From what I can gather, Food Should Taste Good is targeting people that eat, which is a rather far reaching group of everyone that exists. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a brand, Food Should Taste Good would benefit from further research to define their consumer personas. For a snack company, it’s entirely possible that could include a number of different personalities. For instance, their chips will have a father reach, while their newly launched hummus line might target a smaller set of their customers. There’s a lot of room to play around with there, whether it be highlighting some ladies who lunch with some hummus and fresh veggies or some dudes on a couch pounding some Jalapeño Tortilla Chips while watching Predator.

Food Should Taste Good has the ability to appeal to the “whole family” which could, if leveraged properly, be a gold mine. They just need to break out from being, “that brand in the black bag,” to being the brand that customers ask for by name. To be a brand that people need to have rather than one that’s nice to have. But at this juncture, they’re just that kid who’s picked for a team in gym class somewhere along the middle because they’re neither good nor bad; they’re there and they get the job done.


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